The Side No One Sees

Welcome to crazy, slightly sociopathic mind of Roberta Gratzioli, sixteen-year-old British female. I am now going to pour out my soul into this diary. It feels weird to be doing this. It is like I am letting go of everything that has been pulling me down and making me feel like I am worthless. You guys are now like a therapist who I can talk to and maybe you will comment on what you think I should do. I have decided that this will be themed so each chapter will be fandomised one way or another (I'm gonna find ya. I'm gonna getcha' getcha'. Okay just me singing all by myself.)

Read away and I will kidnap you and drag you down to my wine cellar and then possess you. Ha ha no.

Read away and this is my entry for the Diary Competition.


5. 21st May 2015

 I have had an amazing day and the train wreck of a weekend is cancelled due to my father and I both coming down with mysterious food poisoning. So my mother is treaking out to a secret place and I am not revealing where, to spend a long weekend in the sun. 


I am going to promise right now that I will only promote something if it is good and I love it. Recently a nice internet friend got me hooked on The Selection by Kiera Cass. It is freaking amazing and read it as it has loads of feels and I read the first two books in a day. Congratulations to me for wasting a day. THEN THE FLASH AND THE ARROW FEELS HIT ME AND IT GOT SERIOUS! The ending was amazing and then Supernatural came out and I am dying of feels overload. Can that even happen? Meh.


Now I live a life of many cultures being part Italian and Scottish and English and German and Hungarian and everything is so language based in my house, yada, yada, yada. I took my French speaking test and got a B. I skipped back to English, sat down and then did an English Language essay. 


I hope you all had amazing weeks and I just remembered this was meant to be themed. Next week and may the odds be ever in your favour. Got a little something in there at the end. 

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