The Side No One Sees

Welcome to crazy, slightly sociopathic mind of Roberta Gratzioli, sixteen-year-old British female. I am now going to pour out my soul into this diary. It feels weird to be doing this. It is like I am letting go of everything that has been pulling me down and making me feel like I am worthless. You guys are now like a therapist who I can talk to and maybe you will comment on what you think I should do. I have decided that this will be themed so each chapter will be fandomised one way or another (I'm gonna find ya. I'm gonna getcha' getcha'. Okay just me singing all by myself.)

Read away and I will kidnap you and drag you down to my wine cellar and then possess you. Ha ha no.

Read away and this is my entry for the Diary Competition.


4. 17th May 2015 (still)

 All the puppies have finally gone to their homes apart from Mufasa and Simba. (Love renaming people. Makes life more interesting) With some much stress and worry on me, I have contracted (that is a lovely word contracted. It's like manoeuvre and balloon, happy sounds.) a sinusitis or something much worse which my father also has. Good times. It was so bad he was going to drive me home from church because I almost fainted in the car going down.


There was one giant hairy ass spider in my kitchen at lunchtime and my brother pointed it out and I figurately ran for the hills. Literally I ran and climbed the kitchens stairs hugging the bannister for dear life.     The difference between literally and figuratively is that literally is what happened so literally I ran up the stairs, figuratively I ran for the hills and burned down the house. Try and prove me wrong Google said I was correct and Google knows all. 


Next weekend is a train wreck as both my parents are conveniently leaving the country for a cycling holiday they are dumping, no that was mean, gently placing my brother and me in the care of friends. This "holiday" is conveniently placed over half term and a whole load of other important dates. It isn't a train wreck it is like "a car driving off the edge of a cliff, onto a train track and caused a head-on collision with two trains and it in the middle, someone stepping out of the car as well and all the trains stop working and everyone dead" kind of accident. Thankfully I am going to some relatively well-off neighbors and we are going to have so much fun I can't wait. (Note the sarcasm)


I promised a picture of my trip to Glouster Cathedral so here you all are and keep reading and may the angels watch over you. 

Sweet left buttcheek of Crowley, I should theme my entries. From now on this is the themed Diary of 16-year-old Roberta Gratzioli. 


Next time on The Side Nobody Sees...  Who knows because the future is a mystery. Dayum I sounded poetic.

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