You decide: What happens next?

A story where you choose what I write, I'm hoping this will end up being a pretty awesome co-operative project. Rules are explained in the first chapter


3. Chapter 1 Part 1: The beginning of something crazy

You stand there, by the place you used to love. Your hands are stuffed tightly in your pockets as you stare at the floor, thinking, imagining what might have been. Of course, it never would have amounted to much, you know as well as anyone that you were too young to understand. Too young to truly realise what it all meant. But as your fingers begin to numb, you dismiss the thought. If you were too young, you reasoned, then no one could ever be old enough. Still though, you're not sure.

Leaving that place, you set out along the all-too-familiar route back home. The concrete beneath your feet is so cold, so much less inviting than the fields of chocolate grass that you used to roam. Perhaps that's for the better, but you wonder how much kinder the world would be if going to work or home everyday meant a stroll across sprinkles, not tarmac.

You used to believe it would last forever, this world, baked decades before your arrival on this heavenly creation. But the news is always bad, always another slice gone or landmark picked off. You didn't worry for a while, you believed the stories that told you it would all pass. Until something happened there, in the place you used to love. Until you lost something so precious, nothing could replace it.

Still, at least you're alive.


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