You decide: What happens next?

A story where you choose what I write, I'm hoping this will end up being a pretty awesome co-operative project. Rules are explained in the first chapter


1. How this works

You give me suggestions for characters, settings, plot points etc. then I write the next chapter based on that. I take no credit for this book - it belongs to everyone who helps.

Basically, I will write whatever you want, however, there are a few rules:

1) No explicit content - If you suggest something that would change the movella to an R rating I will ignore and/or delete the comment.

2) Try to keep it fairly logical - When this is finished I want it to make sense, so try and suggest things that could actually happen.

3) If you have ever role-played this will be familiar: Don't make overpowered characters - Each character should have drawbacks as well as good points.

4) I may slightly alter your suggestion to make the plot work slightly better - If I do this, please don't get annoyed, although I am willing to fix things where I have misinterpreted what you say.

5) If someone disagrees with your idea, please don't fight about it - I will have the final say, but even if I don't use your idea straight away, I may well use it in the future.

6) Original characters only please.

7) HAVE FUN - I said 'fairly' logical, we can still have crazy ideas and ridiculous characters. And this is the one time when if you don't want a character to die, they don't have to.


Now, who wants to start? First suggestions I need are:

-1st/2nd/3rd person?

-Time period?



-Plot points for the first chapter?

-Anything else you think should be included?

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