Diary of the Unordinary

My entry for the year long diary comp.


1. May 6 2015


     I suppose who ever is reading this will want to know a bit about me before they carry on.

     My name is Elysia, and I turn 14 tomorrow. I've been writing stories since grade three, and have improved enough that I am now writing a book. 

     Not this.

     Or any of my stories.

     I don't have it uploaded anywhere. Maybe I'll tell this electronical diary about it later. 

     I'm in 8th grade, and a Honors student, in the high 90% range. I have three best friends, and we call ourselves the 'Manchees". Which was from a book called 'The knife of never letting go'. My friends are amazing, I'll have to think of other names for them, to respect their privacy.... I've always hated coming up with names for books, I take a long time to think of the perfect ones. 

     Anyways, I'm kinda late for school now. So I'd better start getting ready.... Bye? 

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