Diary of the Unordinary

My entry for the year long diary comp.


2. June 21 2015

       Well my phone just froze and everything I wrote disappeard. Which was the reason I quit this journal thing in the first place. 

     I never intended for the time gap to be so big though. 

     A few things are knew. I'm no longer a single pringle. Not that I was ever a pringle. But... Yah. 

     Yesterday I was thinking about when me and my group of friends were called nerds. And as my friend Miky puts it, we were called nerds by the poke-geeks. 

     I thought it was kinda funny, I mean, this was said by the group most like my own. Their weird just like my group. I think that in general, we think a bit alike, or at least, me and my uhhhhh... Friend do.  And I know that the Nerd thing isn't a total lie.  The only reason that people think that me and my group of friends are nerds is because we get good marks. If they wanted to they could be smart, but they just don't try. I know they could be smart. But they make themselves believe they can't be smart. 

     If being a nerd means that I care about my future, then I guess I'm a nerd. 

     I'm also a little bit of a geek. I'm into Pokemon and Assassins creed and stuff. For example, right now I'm playing Pokemon. 

     I play a lot of sports too. Basketball, Badminton, Soccer. 

     I draw all the time. I even have a art account on Instagram. 

     I'm a lot of things. Not normal though. But I wouldnt want to be. 

     I'd better end here before my phone deletes it all again. 

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