Pokemon Strategy

Just some video game strategies for Pokémon for you people to use, if you think of any alternative strategies, please let me know


7. Mega Beedrill

Ability: Adaptability

Nature: Modest

Moves: U-Turn

             Poison Jab

             Swords Dance

             Fell Stinger



Strategy: Mega Beedrill can be an amazing pokemon if used right, it's ability 'adaptability' makes all stab moves x2 instead of x1.5. It has U-Turn incase it is against something which it cant do much against or something that is super effective, U-Turn causes the user to switch out, it has Fell Stinger which is not a very powerful move, but it is powered up by its ability and if it knocks something out then Beedrill's attack is raised by two stages, it has swords dance to raise attack even more and Poison Jab is a great poison move with stab and a chance to poison the opponent.

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