Troubled for him

When they just met in the summer of 2014
He was just a boy &' she was just a girl but soon all that changed in the fall when school began. Soccer was her life, she never knew a boy would changed all of that in just a few months.


2. First day

The first day they met was not planned at all. Helen had soccer practice like usual on Tuesdays and Thursday with her team. He practiced close to her too . Helen's father was the coach of the team &' Andres's father was also the coach of his team.


After practice Suzy &' I were talking she asked Me "Ey come with me to say hi to my bestfriend yea" she's like "ight let's go" as we walked across the field to the other side where the boys practiced Suzy an her skipped a little bit like the weirdos we are when we got there the guys looked at us but we didn't care Suzy asked the guys "where's Andres at ?" One of the guys said "in the car " as Suzy walked to the green challenger I just stayed back cuz like I didn't know him and I don't get all up in people shit so yea but I did notice the boy inside Oh my lord ! Although his face was half covered I could see his eyes they were a hazel green color he was whiteish an he had thick black wavy hair. i turned away tho and blushed at his sight he was so hawt althought I had a boyfriend I didn't care he was cheating on me with someone else anyways thats how relationships go with me. Suzy and Andres talked for a bit then she came back to Me waving goodbye to him Suzy said "oh by the way the guy in the car that's Andres" I said " he's really hawt dude I love his eyes ! " she's like "if you want I can hook you too up ?" I said "go do it please bitch " Suzy went back she asked Andres " my friend elena is really cute the girl right there an she said yur really hawt so would you be interested in going out with her " he looked at her he thought she's really cute then said "I'm not looking for a relationship right know tho sorry " she's like "alright I'll tell her bye Andres see you In school tomorrow" she walked backed to Helen then said " he said he's not looking for a relationship right now" I'm like "ey it's ight maybe another day" we walked back to get their things Suzy's dad ,coach Leo I always call him that don't know why?, he came to pick her up after she left. I began to pick up all the flags and cones and put them in the bag to take to the car although I couldn't stop thinking about Andres I tried to push that thought aside by kicking the ball after she was done she dribbled and kicked the ball it went kinda far but oh well.

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