Girl Half Empty

//What an odd thing a diary is: the things you omit are more important than those you put in//
- Simone de Beauvoir
/June winner of the diary competition/


3. //well i’m loving a shadow, and trying to catch the rain, but i never heard silence, til i heard it today//

May 31st

And once again I find that I cannot keep a diary.

I am, I discover, not brave enough to write my life away daily.

I am not adept enough to craft out the mystique I love to wrap around me, so I will tell you straight:

Right now I am worshipping the ground that Michael David Rosenberg walks on because he writes songs like each word is sunlight on wet pavement and because one hundred percent of the profit from his latest album goes to malnourished children. Right now I have three blisters on my left foot because of a day spent sweating my heart into sprung boards and unforgiving shoes. Right now I have a weird lightness to me that comes from being alone with a keyboard in front of me and muscles full of ballet. Weird lightness that makes me think that maybe I am OK at being OK and that maybe the sea doesn’t have salt in it after all…


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