Lights That Lead To You {L.H.}

Luke Hemmings is heartbroken after Calum From 5sos dies in a car accident and is thinking of suiciding until he meets 2 people an cant decide who to be with...


2. The Diner

::Luke's POV::

Today we are going to IHOP because the boys are forcing me because I have cooped myself up in my room and wouldn't come out and Michael won't get off my back about it so I said lets go to IHOP and we are in the van right now 

But I haven't been out since Cal's funeral so my legs feel numb because there are two people I don't want to run into right now and they are inside.. 

::Niall's POV:: 

"Lou Luke is outside we better hide you know he doesn't want to see us" I grabbed his hand and ran to the bathroom but he walked in there anyways...



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