Lights That Lead To You {L.H.}

Luke Hemmings is heartbroken after Calum From 5sos dies in a car accident and is thinking of suiciding until he meets 2 people an cant decide who to be with...


1. Finding out Calum Hood Died...

::Luke's POV::

*sits at Calum's funerals crying then goes up to tell about him*

Calum was the best thing that happened to Me and 5SOS He was My Lover and my Band Mate My World My Calum.

::Michael's P.O.V::

*walks up to podeum after Luke*

Calum was my friend since I was born I will miss you CalPal

::Ashton's P.O.V::

Calum was my best friend and would always make funny faces and would play bass and sing great I will miss you buddy.


Sorry for the short chapter I will update soon!

I also need a Co-Author and Girlfriends for Michael And Ashton!



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