Flash diary comp: a year in the making

Apart of the competition for the year long diary. I am a normal teenager with a life different from all the others, read what it's all about.


14. May 23, 2015 11:30pm

Today is Saturday. I texted george one on one today about the plans and he said he would try to make it hit that it wasn't a guarantee. That he was going to come. I am just so nervous and I really do hope he comes. I am not really set on 'making' him my boyfriend I'm more focused on becoming his friend (for now at least). If something happened in the future than that's great but if not it won't kill me. Yes I would like to give him and I together a shot but there's no guarantee. I'd rather be really good friends with him if anything. J and I have talked a lot about him and both of us agree that he doesn't have any solid and close friends. When we say that we mean he doesn't have a relationship and J, G, and I. U.S. Three are really close and talk every single day and hang out at least once every weekend. With him he seems more of a drifter. More like a list of distant friends. It just makes me winder who he is really close with and tells all his deep thoughts and secrets to. I'd love to be that person if he gives me the chance, I'm a really good listener and he just doesn't seem very in touch with his emotions. But who am I to judge? From my observations he just doesn't seem to be very emotional or sensitive in any way at all. I, on the contrary, am VERY in touch with my emotions and feelings and I'm okay with talking about them. I jus want to be his friend, can't I have that? I wanna know him better, the little things that make up every little bit of him.


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