Flash diary comp: a year in the making

Apart of the competition for the year long diary. I am a normal teenager with a life different from all the others, read what it's all about.


9. May 16, 2015 10:45pm

* Wrote this the next day reflecting on Saturday. *

My mom was so annoying today! So I am on my period and this one is hitting me so hard! I am over emotional this time I can feel my mood swings and I have been bleeding SO MUCH. So she made me leave the house to go to dinner and I had to wear jeans and I didn't really want to go because I was feelings so bad. Anyway she made me go and there was a charming Charlie next door so we stopped in for a second for some necklaces as I grabbed some pearls and asked her to buy them and she said yes. I then left and went next door to look at the clothes and when I came back she was laying and didn't get my earrings. I asked her why and all she said was "because, no". I got annoyed and just walked off. I asked her so nicely and she bought herself like five necklaces and three pairs of earrings. Then on the ride how J and G texted me asking to come over so we can all have our weekly girls night and catch up. My mom said no because apparently there was a lot to do for my party (My quinces coming up soon). I was so mad because her sister was coming over to help her and didn't need me at all. I was so mad and begged her but she said no so my emotions kicked in and I started to cry. I cried from eight pm till I fell asleep at eleven pm. I didn't even do anything to help her for the party! I told her I wasn't going to. I felt so left out for not being there and it just sucks because we never get to see each other during the week! What she did was extremely rude. I'm furious always will be, I don't forgive easily. She jus doesn't get how happy they make me an they'd the only two girls I trust with ABOSLUTELY EVERYTHING! Plus I have attachment issues so it hit me hard that they were hanging out without me. It isn't easy to not be clingy knowing I've never had truly trusting friends that I can tell things to and know they only listen and give me advice that's in MY best interest not theirs. I hold that close to my heart because I've waited so very long for this. I've waited so long to finally have people who I know will watch over me she I'm in bad places and the other way around. We trust each other and help each other and that's what important. I felt like that was ripped away from me last night during that time. Like she didn't want me to be there and enjoy my friends and share even more memories with them. I said before I have attachment issues. I'm just scared they'll run off if I don't give them my all.


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