Life of Elita Rhodes

It's all about my life and what i'm doing with it. Of course nothing, but nothing always means something :)


5. Day 5: May 12, 2015

Hello it's Elita and i'm here to update on my life. So i'm playing my 2nd favorite game, It's the most addicting/fun game ever. And i'm waiting for my steak to be cooked. I didn't go to school today because of my fever, so nothing really interesting to write about. I should just stop writing almost everyday and write about my week on sunday. Yeah thats a good idea i'm gonna do that. Anyway I'll explain to you what's gonna happen tomorrow. No I can't tell the future, but i'm planning on what I want to happen tomorrow.

First, i'm gonna wash the outfit i'm wearing right now and wear it tomorrow, luckily no one saw me ;). Next, i'm gonna take a 30 minute shower since I didn't take one today. Then, i'm gonna put on my clothes and do my hair perfectly, no more curls! its gonna be straight hair day! And to do all that i'm gonna have to wake up early, lol. Then, i'm gonna go to school looking hella nice and i'm gonna do my best in all my classes. Then, at lunch i'm gonna tell David that I like him and that he is cute asf and A**** didn't deserve him. I blurred out her name because I don't want her to know that I hate her. lol. Then, i'm gonna eat lunch like a boss and go to my last class and when it's over I might stay after school to study for my retake on my test. 

Lastly, i'm gonna go home and write chapter 2 of my book waterfalls. Its an Ashton Irwin fanfic. I'll release it on here when i'm done with chapter 3. And since I have 2 chapters of my book simply yours finished i'm gonna post it right now. So byesies. tallk to you on sunday.

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