Life of Elita Rhodes

It's all about my life and what i'm doing with it. Of course nothing, but nothing always means something :)


4. Day 4: May 10, 2015

So it is Sunday and i'm watching Just go with it. Just go with it was the only movie my family had for 3 years. I've watched over a billion times, and I can watch it when ever without getting bored of it. Anyway like I said I did have a good weekend and i'm ready to write all about it for you to read.

So on friday around 8 I went to my Aunt Leslie's house. She was having a slumber party for all the little kids and she invited, so I thought hey why not, there's nobody my age in the family. So when I went over there I figured they were all over at my Aunt's rich friends' house. All the little kids were playing over there cause she had lots of big expensive toys. The lady had two kids of her own and her name was Liz. 

She was Russian and her husband was out of town. Liz was rich and lonely. My aunt thought she was a bit annoying. When it was extra hot on Saturday, she had the kids running around butt-naked in water. Like what the hell is wrong with her. But, anyway I was getting bored cause I didn't wanna be playing in water naked kids. So my cousin came over and brought me to Wild Waves with her boyfriend and daughter. I'm not gonna lie that was the best best part about my weekend. It was mostly my cousin and I going on a whole bunch of rides, while her boyfriend went on some kiddy ones with their daughter. 

Anyway I ended up seeing my Uncle Drake, and Aunt Crystal, and their kids. I went on the last ride with them and it was fun cause Georgie was screaming like a little girl. I should've recorded it. So after the last ride we left back to my Aunt Leslie's house.

So then hours went by and it became Sunday, Mother's Day, Which is also known as today. I told my mother Happy Mothers Day and I love you even though we aren't on the best of terms right now. I also called my dad and finally told him what has been happening and how I wanna live with him now. But overall it was a good day, I had the best cupcakes I ever ate, and I spent time with my family. 

So glad I talked to you, I'll try to update everyday. Bye

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