Life of Elita Rhodes

It's all about my life and what i'm doing with it. Of course nothing, but nothing always means something :)


2. Day 2: May 6, 2015

Its 10pm and I'm watching Finding Carter, because I needed to catch up on the episodes I missed. A lot of things happened today, some good, mostly bad. So i'm gonna tell you my whole day. So I woke up 6:30am and took a shower, then I put on the most ugliest outfit in the world. Next I went on the bus to school, and I went to all my classes like the good girl I am. And I when I went to my last class Austin was totally flirting with me, even though we were studying for a test. When I got home I tried to do my homework and study, but when I tried to get my history book out my mothers house, she kicks me out. So at least I tried. So that all leads to now. Sorry forgot to add in that 4 hour nap I took.

And as of right now, I have decided to go on my wattpad, and start my book. Its based on Finding Carter. It's called Joetta the Great. So yeah I'm kinda bored and i'm just typing anything that comes to my head, so I can hurry up and update for today. My cousin is making cookies and he said I could have of his and make the rest. So there isn't that much to type and I'm trying to make this longer.

Anyway I might edit this if something cool or interesting happens but for now I'm gonna publish. I'll talk to y'all later.


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