1. Journaling

Today I was walking through the forest, and I heard a noise, I started walking towards where the sound was. The leaves crunched under my feet as I got closer and closer, I looked behind a tree and saw a beautiful red fox. It was sniffing the mushrooms and fallen leaves, I took another step, and the leaves beneath me crunched loudly. The fox froze, and then slowly started sniffing the air, I felt paralyzed. The fox looked over towards me and our eyes locked.

After a few seconds, the fox bounded away before I could even move. I started to walk back home, and when I got into our backyard I laid down and looked at the clouds. The sun was retreating behind the mountains, and the moon was started to take its place. The sky got darker and the stars came out to greet me. I laid in the cold, damp grass until the sun had escaped from view. A chill went down my spine, so I went inside, my dog was sitting on my bed when I walked in. His black and white fur was soft, I laid on my bed thinking about the beautiful red fox; I soon fell into a deep sleep.

I woke up in the forest, I sat up immediately to look around, how did I get here? What had happened the night before? I was full of questions, I stood up and started to wander around the forest I heard a sound behind a tree, I walked up to it to see the red fox sniffing the ground, I took another step, and the leaves crunched. The fox looked up, our eyes locked and it bounded away. I sat down to think, that was exactly what happened yesterday, I saw the same fox, and the same things happened! I tried to figure out how I did this, and I came to a conclusion....

As I was sitting down leaning against the tree, I all of a sudden I got really tired, I closed my eyes for a moment, and when they opened, I was in my bed once more.

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