The Rant Book

I ask a lot of rhetorical questions.


2. Siblings

Siblings; most people have them, others want them. I have two younger brothers, and some people envy that. But I doubt you would envy it if you actually had siblings. (If you don't have any.) The reason why they're so horrible is because of the rivalry. You're constantly fighting about who is the better sibling, and who gets the most love from your parents. It's shit. I bet you guys reading are say that I'm an idiot, and that I should grow up. And that's okay, because the people saying that are probably the ones without siblings. 

Some people think that siblings are alike, and they could not be more wrong. I'm the child that sits in her room all fucking day. I'm the one they ignore. My youngest brother is the "Demon". And I actually don't blame people, even I, for calling him that. He hits so many children, that I'm surprised that he doesn't come home with blood all over his body everyday. He's constantly calling people names, and throwing fits. I do not understand what his problem is, but I really hope he learns how to grow up. And finally, the middle child. He's the one that goes outside and then he's gone all day. He doesn't come home until it gets dark. My parents are proud of him, I guess? I mean, they praise him for actually going outside,

Though it seems like I hate them, I don't. I actually love them to death. I guess that having siblings do have perks. But I still think that it's terrible. *laughs*

I actually like the "Demon" when he's asleep. He's so peaceful. It makes me coo. 

I guess I like the middle child when he's inside, and not acting like a douche. Playing video games with him is fun. Well, for me.

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