One more year

Next year I'll be a senior and I'll be trying to decide what to do with my life. One more year until adulthood and I'm terrified. I've never entered a writing competiton or kept a long term diary. We'll see how this goes.


2. Revenge of the Fifth (5/5/15)

  I rolled out of bed with a sickening groan at 6:42 this morning. Running late for school is a pet peeve of mine. Even worse, it's a Tuesday. Nothing good ever happens on a Tuesday. They're horribly boring middle of the week, but not quite, days. They give me nothing to look forward to except to drive my brother to baseball practice. I hate baseball. Baseball is more awful than Tuesdays. 

     I get dressed in a hurry, and race out the door to my bright red car (aka the Weasley mobile.) After picking up my neighbor, the lovely Lola, I begin the drive to school. She looks stunning as usual with her cherry red hair ,the color of my car, cut short and her pale blue eyes filled to the brim with mystery that everyone wants to solve. I must say her hair matches her personality. She's a fireball full of opinions and personality. I'm her own personal chauffeur. Driving her back and forth to school, and in return she's my friend. I think. I chat with her until we get to school. 

    Once there I pick up free breakfast and head for the third floor. It's a treacherous journey up three flights of stairs with a whole grain poptart and apple juice. This is my form of exercise for the day. On the third floor I go into photography and sit there for an hour and a half playing with Photoshop after eating my breakfast. I effectively turned my grandma into a tree in a grocery store. Photoshop is great if you know how to use it. The rest of the school day is a boring blur besides chemistry. We had lunch in the middle of chemistry and this time I didn't sit alone. I sat with my almost, maybe friend Emily, who has huge brown puppy dog eyes and dirty blond hair. I ate half a burrito and I watched as the people she chose to sit with terrified her by blowing smoke into her face. It's pretty typical at our school. When lunch is over we head back to class to do a lab. Actually we burned popcorn and measured it. 

Once at home I settle down to watch doctor who. In the middle of the second episode the only person who I know for sure is my friend calls. Sabrina lives across the street and boycotts public school by being homeschooled. Her family is fostering two terrier puppies which is the reason for her calling. I go over to meet them and name the bigger of the two Ridley.

I have to get home quickly to fix a very nutritious dinner of macaroni and cheese out of the box. Finally, after dinner has been consumed I get to drive halfway across town to drop my brother off at baseball. The only thing that makes is bearable is disney music which he makes a point of complaining about. I end my day on a high note of not having to drive him home.



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