Her name is Sally

When I was little I had a friend named Sally. No one but me could see her. My mom and dad that I made her up in my head. I knew that I hadn't made her up...especially on the day that she came back


2. The good old days

* 7 years old*

"Sally slow down I can't catch up!" I shouted as we ran through the sprinkler. She giggled and ran away a smile on her face. "Catch up slow poke." She shouted out to me as I ran to catch up. We both laughed and screamed as the ice cold water hit us. She laughed at my cold shocked face. We stayed out side until it was time for launch time. "Time to eat." I heard mommy yell. "Come on Sally I'm hungry." I laughed and ran away from her.

She copied me and we both laughed again. I raced her to the table. "Hope your hungry." Mommy said as she made me a PB&J sandwich and set it in front of me. I waited for Sally to get her food but it never happened. I looked at mommy confused. "What's the matter honey?" She said to me. "Where's Sally's plate?" Mommy frowned at me. "Sally isn't real." I watched as tears started to form in Sally's eyes. "Yes I am! Why can't you see me!." Sally screamed at her before she ran away off. "You hurt her feelings mommy." I said to her causing my mom to give me a shocked look. "Now she's crying...." I said a mad look on my face.

*Collage Dorm*

Starting to day I'm an official college student. I thought with a smile on my face. I looked at the clock "Shoot I got to get going." I had a half an hour to get to class. I grabbed my books and then went to get a drink before going to class.



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