Her name is Sally

When I was little I had a friend named Sally. No one but me could see her. My mom and dad that I made her up in my head. I knew that I hadn't made her up...especially on the day that she came back


3. Old friends never die

I went to class just in time for the professor to start his lecture about history. I took my lab top out and started to take my notes down and get ready for my test. I was so into my work that I jumped when I heard my name called. "Hey Blank!!!" I looked around me to see who was calling out to me but every one had their heads down taking notes. I shrugged it off and went back to taking notes. Well I was taking my notes I had another memory to back when I was a little kid in school.

*12 years old*

I was siting at my desk coping down notes that the teacher put on the board as she explained it to us. "Hey Blank do you want to play?" I looked over next to me and smiled at the sight of Sally. "Sorry Sally I can't play right now I'm in school." She smiled at me and giggled. "Then let's leave and go play silly." She reached out and took my hand in hers and stated to pull it. I had to fight back hard to my pull my hand back. "I told you all ready Sally I can't play with you I'm in school!!!" I got mad and started to yell at Sally. The teacher turned to look at me as every one started to laugh.

"Do you have something funny you would like to share with the class?" My teacher folded her hands across her chest giving me stern look. I gulped hard and shook my head no. She gave me stern look and went back to teaching. The laughter died down and I looked back at Sally to see that she was on to tears. "You yelled at me....why?" I sighed and said sorry to Sally. "I'm sorry I didn't mean to yell Sally. It's just you have to wait until I get out of school then we can play all day long okay?" Sally pouted and nodded in agreement before disappearing and leaving me to do my class work.

It felt weird like I had been through the same thing before. I shook my head getting the image out of my head and looked back at my class work. Then I felt someone touch my hand and jumped again looking all around me but ounce again no one moved from their lab tops. "Sally?" I said to my self out loud but yet quite enough so I wouldn't disturb the others. I shook the thought out of my head. 'It couldn't be Sally she was just my imaginary friend when I was little.'  I ounce again brushed the thought off again and finished my class then headed to my dorm.


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