Her name is Sally

When I was little I had a friend named Sally. No one but me could see her. My mom and dad that I made her up in my head. I knew that I hadn't made her up...especially on the day that she came back


8. Let's play a game

"Hey Holly over here!!!" Alex called out to me from down the hall at school. I looked at him and smiled as I walked over to him with my books in my hands. "Hey Alex what's up?" Alex looked both ways before taking my wrist and bringing me in the music room. "Wow Alex what are you doing?" I laughed and went with him. He took me into the old music room that no one used at our school. "What are we doing here Alex. Please start talking your starting to scare me." I backed up towards the door. Alex sighed with relief. "Okay where alone now it should be safe to talk now." I looked at him. "What do you mean?" He shot me a look that sent chills down my spine. "Sally is listening so we have to be carful. I wanted to talk to you alone because I think I know how we can help her cross over."

My eyes light up with joy. "Really you mean it Alex!? Sally can finally rest in peace." Alex smiled at me and gave me a slight node. "You just wont like how were going to make this happen." I gulped and looked over at him. "What's your plan?" He gave me a shocked look and then smiled. "Okay so I was thinking we could use a Ouija board to try and reach Sally on the other side. That way we can talk to her and figure out what it is that is keeping her here and maybe send her towards the light." I hugged him and laughed. "Your crazy idiot you know that Alex." He snickered at me and then pointed at me. "Hey I am may be an idiot but im your idiot don't you forget that Holly." I laughed and nodded me head. "I could never forget that." We both left the room holding hands and laughing as we planned out what we where going to do to get all the stuff that we would need to make this work tonight.

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