Her name is Sally

When I was little I had a friend named Sally. No one but me could see her. My mom and dad that I made her up in my head. I knew that I hadn't made her up...especially on the day that she came back


4. Come and play

I walked back to my dorm and locked the door ounce I was inside. I went over to the Minnie fridge after that and got my self a nice cold water to cool down with. It wasn't even summer yet and yet it felt like that every day in the school.  I looked out side the window getting lost in thought as the snow fell down and covered the streets. Then again it hit me. I felt that same chill go down my spine and heard a fait whisper in my ear. Only this time it was loud enough for me to make it out.

"Come play with me Holly." I stopped dead where I was standing and looked around again but ounce again no one was their. "Who said that.....?" I said trying to keep my voice from shaking like crazy. I heard a giggle in response. "You know who I am silly." I looked from left to right but still saw no one. "I'm just hearing things that's all just my mind playing tricks on me now." I said to my self laughing a bit. Then it happened.....all of my cloths just started flying out of my closet and my draws. I screamed at the top of my lounges. Then I heard the giggle again. "Let's play dress up Holly. Doesn't that sound like fun!!!"  My face turned a pale white and the next thing I knew everything went black.


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