Her name is Sally

When I was little I had a friend named Sally. No one but me could see her. My mom and dad that I made her up in my head. I knew that I hadn't made her up...especially on the day that she came back


1. Flash back

*5 years old*

"I'm home hone!" "Daddy!!!" I screamed running down the hall. I told Sally I would be back real soon. I bolted down the stairs and jumped into his arms. "I missed you so much!" I said pulling him into a hug. He chuckled hugging me back. "I missed you too sweetheart." I smiled and he put me down as mommy came out of the kitchen.

"Welcome home honey!" She said and they kissed. "Ewwwwww!!!" I screamed and giggled as mommy and daddy looked at me. They both laughed  as I ran up stairs. "I'm back Sally." I said and she turned her head. "Welcome home!" She said and we both laughed "So who was it?" Sally asked looking confused.

"O my dad came home from work." Sally nodded and made room on the floor so I could sit down by her. "You be the mommy and I'll be the daddy and the baby." I said Sally nodded at me. We took the dollhouse out and started to play our game.

*Present day*

I sighed standing in my old room with my boys. "Are you almost ready!" I heard my mom call. I sighed again. "I remember how me and Sally used to play with our doll house." My mom came up stairs when I didn't respond to her. "Their you are." She smiled at me. "I remember when you used to play up her all day." I looked back at her a smile on my face. "Yeah those where the good old days." My mom sighed slowly. "Well than come on you don't want to keep your dad waiting dear." I nodded and followed her out closing the door.

I went down stairs and was greeted by our dog Buster. I laughed as he jumped up on my leg wagging his tail and barking. I got down on one knee and pet him. "Hey buddy! I'm going to miss you the most when I'm gone." I pet him for a bit before grabbing my bags and leaving the house. I took one last look at my mom and buster before going in my dad's car.


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