Prodigy's Life in Vague, Enigmatic, Slightly Confusing Terms

This diary does not (entirely) reflect my life, but perhaps my sole purpose of living: to have you leave more confused than you came in. Everything within is the truth, if you can manage to decipher it. Viel gluck, meine landeskunde.


132. Sunday, September 20th.

I'm publishing this an hour early because there's no way this is changing in the foreseeable future. I've never wanted so badly to be normal in my life.



"Well, you were burning up the sky
Looking for a light when you saved me
I was convinced no one would take me
You turned and took me by the hand
But now that look in your eyes
All of your sighs are saying "Go, please"
"Leave me alone and leave you lonely"
It looks as though we've reached the end

Well, I'm fine
I just need a moment
I'm alright right here on the floor
Well, I'm fine
I just need a moment to cry"

-Nate Ruess, "Moment"



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