Prodigy's Life in Vague, Enigmatic, Slightly Confusing Terms

This diary does not (entirely) reflect my life, but perhaps my sole purpose of living: to have you leave more confused than you came in. Everything within is the truth, if you can manage to decipher it. Viel gluck, meine landeskunde.


42. Sunday, June 14th.

I have been warned ad nauseum that there is the potential for a twisting cyclone of wind and other destructive things to come and decide to wipe my town off the map. I have been told to take shelter which I did not do. Instead, I simply uploaded all of my important documents onto google drive in a folder entitled, "Stuff that I don't want to lose if a tornado kills my computer" and called it a night. The most nerve-wracking part of this storm was taking a shower. It would be just my luck that a tornado would choose to rip my roof off just then. 

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