Prodigy's Life in Vague, Enigmatic, Slightly Confusing Terms

This diary does not (entirely) reflect my life, but perhaps my sole purpose of living: to have you leave more confused than you came in. Everything within is the truth, if you can manage to decipher it. Viel gluck, meine landeskunde.


47. Friday, June 19th.

There are fuzzy creatures that live outside in vegetation. If you were to imagine one of those blown up to approximately one hundred times its size, stripped of the fuzziness and all other muscle, had its skeleton roughly turned into metal and its face made into a cartoon, you would have the structure upon which I sat today.


I am becoming increasingly concerned as my Friday nights turn more and more wild. Today, we not only played Uno Jenga (which is markedly harder than normal Jenga, for you can only take the blocks of the number or color you roll), but we also stacked all the numbers and colors together for super difficulty. It became intense. High stress. The odds were stacked against us. It was a crazy Friday night, that's for sure.

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