Dear Stranger

some of it may bore you, some might make you laugh or wonder 'what is this girl thinking', some might make you cry, but this is all but the mind and the confessions of a teenage girl.
I dare you to say we don't matter.


3. a Tuesday, February 17th, 2015

(dedicated to meeting someone unexpectedly and as a result - feeling liberated)

Dear diary, 

Today I realized how our prejudiced look on people we've never talked to could really change if we actually started talking to them. There's this girl who is in the year above me in highschool. Her friends are really popular and many people like to hang out with them, and she's not really the type to deny a night out. Ignorantly, I instantly tagged her suspicious. But as I talked to her today, she was really friendly and patient even though I practically can't talk because of a cold. Even though I probably looked awful without make up and with eyebags huge from my friends all-night birthday party. I stayed over night and eventually dell asleep at two thirty in the morning. When I came to, it was six o'clock and my bestfriend was jumping into the bed next to me, looking tired as hell. My parents picked me up at eight and pestered me about my sore throat. I got completely off the point, now, as I was primarily talking about wrong first assumptions, and I think from now on I'll remember never to make those. After we even exchanged phone numbers and she said to call if I even need anything, school related or not and that we can go out sometime. It doesn't even matter if that happens or not, the point still stands, I was wrong. And if anybody asked me what she was like before I spoke to her, I would paint you a completely different picture and make a big mistake. I need to stop acting like him, like that horrible boy from middle school who made the assumption that I was a bitch and a nerd, who made the assumption that put me into that nightmare of having to practically hunt for friends, because everyone thought that I was rude and arrogant. I need to start widening the difference between the two of us because I don't want to be that kind of person, I don't want to be prejudiced. 

That's all, I just wanted to clear this.


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