It's Today?! - The Story of My Life

Who knows maybe with the incentive, I may keep this diary, and not just as a collections of rants, and updates ever time I get ill. I mean seriously, two entries in three years? Both saying "I'm sick"?

For the diary comp. Winner of May.


13. The quiet life - 29-5-15

I’ve gone a couple days without entries now, so I think it’s time to fix that. Revision has been the main topic of the day however, and there’s only so much one can write on the subject.

On Wednesday I had a lot of fun with a friend, spending most the afternoon either walking her dog, or laying in a field enjoying the sun. We got our guitars out and played for a short while, but by then it was about eight pm. We also played Uno as a group, and I kept getting the rules mixed up with Windmill… It got a bit confusing to say the least.


The woman I work for lent me a book titled The Enneagram for the Spirit and the slogan for it is “How to make peace with your personality and understand others.” I’m not sure what she’s trying to say!


I’m working on a top secret blog for the next feature week. All I can say is I’ve spent an hour brainstorming all the Historical fiction books I’ve read that were memorable and noting them down. I have a list of 45 so far! It’s like coming across old friends again. Anyone have any historical novels you love?


Ah, it will be so nice once exams are over to get back to reading. I’ve missed a good book…


I’ve been very jealous of one of my friends, her exams finished last week and she’s been free! Apparently she’s spent her time cleaning her bedroom however. Not quite so exciting.

Oh the list of things I want to do once it’s all over! I’ve got a couple of pages of a comic to do, a pending art request and a paid commission. I also need to make a proper decision over what I’m going to be doing next year. I can either go to college, do a BTEC or A Levels, and finish the A level I’m doing from home, get a job and finish the A Level from home and actually pass my maths GCSE (I do not recommend trying to teach yourself the entire two year curriculum in two months when it’s not a subject you enjoy. You end up with a D and a lack of confidence), or continue working from home, add another A Level and just hope for the best.


Well, I’ve got an essay to write and some sleep to catch up on. Au revoir, buona notte and goodnight.

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