It's Today?! - The Story of My Life

Who knows maybe with the incentive, I may keep this diary, and not just as a collections of rants, and updates ever time I get ill. I mean seriously, two entries in three years? Both saying "I'm sick"?

For the diary comp. Winner of May.


19. Sleeplessness and Typhoons - 19-6-15

Goodness, it’s been far too long. I’ve just been so busy! I woke up at three am this morning though, so I’ve had extra time to do stuff and thus can take a moment to write.

We’ve been packing boxes, and my great aunt came over to stay for her birthday, so on Tuesday I made a chicken and prawn paella, a bolognese sauce, and dissembled and reassembled my bed. Long story short, my mother was concerned we’d be unable to take it apart when we move so I had to test it.

My apologies if this entry does not pay up to your hopes of a first entry in about a week, but I’m absolutely exhausted. I got a total of two hours sleep last night, and I was tired beforehand. It was one of those Nigh-time Paranoia nights, where you worry about everything and anything. I gave up on sleep at about three am and got some work done instead. Hopefully when I look through it with feeling like I’ve got a family of elephants in my head attacking my eyes with egg whisks…

I’ve done some drawing for the first time in ages! Finished my requests, now onto the paid stuff as I’ve warmed up again. After that, comic book!

It was a friend's eighteenth the other day, and so a group of us all went out to an Italian place. It was really nice, if rather loud. You couldn't hear yourself think, let alone talk to anyone. I was the only person who could pronounce the names on the menu though, so everyone got me to order for them. Made me laugh. Italian's pretty much phonetic, and you just have to say it with confidence to get it right.

Cycled to ballet again today. I was so glad I wore my sunglasses, as I think I swallowed an entire swarm of midges, and I kept my mouth firmly shut.

Game of thrones ended. That was sad. A whole year until the next season, and so many cliffhangers! Well I guess we'll just have to wait. The show has started to leave the books behind now though, and you can really feel the build up to the show's finale getting ready. We still have a few character's left to come, though.

My grandmother came out with the most amazing quote, which I think I may have to write an entire story around. There was some guy on the tv with a beard talking rubbish, and she just turned to the television set, and said in a loud voice.

"Just because you have hair round your mouth, doesn't mean you need to talk like a c**t."

She loves to come up with these things. It was the same when I went to a shop and we were perusing the dried jar section, and they had a jar of shiitake mushrooms. My grandmother, clocking an elder couple who looked very prim and proper, announced. 

"Shit ache? What the f*ck is that?"

Now my grandmother is smart, and I've seen her cook with, and name shiitake mushrooms correctly. She knew exactly what she was doing. This is why she's my favorite living grandparent related by blood. My other grandmother was lovely, but no longer walks the plains of life. Don't talk to me about my grandfathers though. You don't even want to know...


Going up to Lincolnshire tomorrow to look at a college, and to see Dad. I know my brother is hoping to see a Typhoon flypast. Russia, if you care at all for the dreams of a little boy, please enter a plane or two into the British airspace! You do it every week anyway.

And this is when I discover that’s supposed to be a secret… But shhh, a couple were all over the news a while back.


I also discovered a whole load of writing fragments, so I may rewrite some of them up and add them to a movella. Not tonight though.


Goodness, I swear I’m seeing double! I think it is time to turn in and hit the sack. Good lord.

Well Buone notte, and goodnight. 


I'll proofread in the future.

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