It's Today?! - The Story of My Life

Who knows maybe with the incentive, I may keep this diary, and not just as a collections of rants, and updates ever time I get ill. I mean seriously, two entries in three years? Both saying "I'm sick"?

For the diary comp. Winner of May.


14. Happy, happy, happy! 1-6-15

So yesterday I was over the moon. I won the #WhatMakesYouHappy competition with a group of other, absolutely amazing entries. I am so flattered to have been placed up there with them! I looked through all the entries and there were some truly brilliant ones.

I also got another two As in my revision! My tutor even told me if I continue to work to the same level, I shall do well! Seeing as I answered the questions in the first exam in the same manner, and have the second on Tuesday, my confidence has been boosted somewhat. 

This exam has created a ridiculous amount of stress in me however. I mean, last night I had a nightmare which basically consisted of all the things that could go wrong. I got given the wrong paper, and was forced to answer questions on plays I hadn't read, and because I couldn't answer them, I was given an old magazine to find the one I was supposed to be answering to make sure they had it for next year, but I was also forced to try and answer questions on Ajax. Eventually I just laid my head on my desk and cried. It's not exactly a terrifying dream, but stressful.

I applied for the ambassador program. That looks a lot of fun, and I'd been thinking how GeorgiaT does such a wonderful job for the Movellas community. She judges all the competitions, and responds to all the hundreds of questions we put to her, has to deal with all the petty dramas and hate accounts that crop up ever now and then. She also works hard to keep the site clean for younger viewers, and I have never seen her take a day off. Even when she was ill she was doing things in the background, and she often stays on, long after a normal person would've said their working day was over, and continues her job. I have a huge degree of respect for her for that. She is amazing.


I've been talking to a really sweet girl on DeviantArt, who speaks Portuguese and keeps apologising for her language skills, even though it is brilliant. It always amazes me when people manage to talk a second language so fluently. I look at my Italian, and it's terrible. The best I can do is ramble for about five minutes about how terrible my Italian is. It impresses people who can't speak the language, but to an Italian just sounds like meaningless drivel. It's a bit like that episode of the IT Crowd where Jen says she can speak Italian to make herself seem better than her coworker. Ah, the IT Crowd, a true work of genius.


I started playing Bo Burnham's Sad on the piano, and it's a lot of fun. It's been a long time since I've even touched the piano, so to play something so silly, yet brilliant was great! I couldn't find any sheet music for it though, so I followed a tutorial and now have a piece of paper with random letters all over it.

My sister's piano playing has really taken a leap. She's gone from the normal exercise book scales and the like to proper pieces and it's lovely to listen to.


I have decided I really need to clean out my notifications on DA, I think 16,000 messages is a bit much... Oops... I wonder how long it will take to build up again...


Also, it's June! How can it be June! I swear it was March yesterday, and the weather sure doesn't feel like June!

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