It's Today?! - The Story of My Life

Who knows maybe with the incentive, I may keep this diary, and not just as a collections of rants, and updates ever time I get ill. I mean seriously, two entries in three years? Both saying "I'm sick"?

For the diary comp. Winner of May.


11. Eurovision 23-5-15

So I may have been planning an evening of revision, and I may possibly have spent it watching the Eurovision song contest instead. I am morbidly disappointed that it is not as crazy as previous years. Where’s all the glitter gone, and what is Australia doing there! Nothing wrong with Australia, but you’ve taken the fun out by expecting it to be a proper song contest, rather than a competition of the worst we can throw out. There were some fun ones though, and Conchita has been looking spectacular as usual. The Russian woman looks like my cousin…


My sister got an electric bike today. As she suffers Juvenile Arthritis due to a medical diagnosis sheet about ten pages long, she cannot cycle a normal bike without intense pain. My parent have been thinking about getting her one for ages, and a few weeks ago they went into the shop to try them out. I am planning on stealing the bike occasionally to get around places as I’ve still not got round to getting my drivers license, and yes it’s been five months, and no I don’t care. I can’t afford the insurance anyway.


It’s been absolutely gorgeous weather here today. I was bringing everything I could revise with outside, outside. Sadly I need my computer for most of it, and it’s a desktop, but c’est la vie, eh? I’ve been reading through Euripides’ Electra, spotting for ironies and all that malarkey, but I really struggle with that play, as I’ve watched Sophocles’ version of the same. It’s got enough similarities so I get them mixed up, but enough differences to make them completely different. So that’s helpful.

Ah, but going to see the play was wonderful. Sophocles was certainly a brilliant writer.


Oh goodness! The Eurovision song contest could not really get more embarrassing, could it! The awkward pauses and everything! Oh dear… The Stats Britain Twitter account is making it all worthwhile however! I will always remember watching the Russian Grannies in 2012 though. You can never beat them.


My father has spent the evening trying to teach me drinking games, and I promise you, there is nothing more cringe-worthy than that. Except maybe watch True Blood with him.


I’m sitting up waiting for the Eurovision results now. Australia! What do you think you’re doing? Vote for your mother! You’ve been a bad child so we’re taking the queen away.

It’s still sitting between Russia, Sweden and Italy.  Proud of UK with our whopping 2 whole points! Really feeling the national pride with that one. Our wonderful country that has never taught me sarcasm. At least Slovenia is not doing as bad as us. I’m going back to my roots and claiming that.

Looks like Russia’s winning. Ooo! Or Sweden. Oh, I guess I should just wait until the end. I’m feeling for you Austria and Germany. Oh wait! Three more votes to UK from San Marino? Awesome! Take that France!

Sweden won! Congratulations guys! I must admit, I’ve already forgotten the song, but Congrats anyway! I’m sure you deserve it! Enjoy the sparkly confetti and the Trophy! Just don’t drop it.


Oh! I remember the Swedish entry now! You definitely deserve the win!

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