It's Today?! - The Story of My Life

Who knows maybe with the incentive, I may keep this diary, and not just as a collections of rants, and updates ever time I get ill. I mean seriously, two entries in three years? Both saying "I'm sick"?

For the diary comp. Winner of May.


25. A Year... 31/5/16

Well I must say, I cannot believe that I've had this for a year... and still only published twenty-four chapters to date... Though I suppose that is kinda two a month... Just different for each... It's been fun, that's for sure, though I'll be back to writing about revision again...

So much has happened. I moved my entire life across the country, and got an amazing job at a bookshop. I get discount books! I fell in love, and couldn't be happier for it. I made wonderful new friends, and I've been to parties, balls, and a really gorgeous wedding (where I didn't at all drink between four and six G&Ts but couldn't tell you an exact number for the life of me!). 

My writing has become less, and so has my art, but that's mostly due to a change in focus in my life. I work a lot harder now. I've still won fantastic competitions here for both though, so I couldn't be happier! 

My ambassadorship for this year is nearly over, and it's time to decide if I want to take part again. I love judging the competitions so I probably shall. 

My father is away in Oman on deployment. He's seen a Camel Spider and befriended some cats, and describes the heat as "the sound you get when you sit your head in the oven... Not something I'm particularly used to...

Planning on doing Go Ape with Aldrin, his family and my sister once exams are over so that'll be fun. Will be weird to see how his family and mine interact, as they've yet to meet each other.

I had a twenty-nine-year-old creep refuse to leave me alone until I gave him a number, and even though it was fake he still found me online and messaged me. I ignored him until he gave up, and laughed when he sent me a video of him badly playing a piano piece I can play better... 

Should I be concerned for an old friend of mine, and what should I do? I know he used to have a crush on me, and I’m not sure if he still does. He’s taken to calling me Khaleesi, who I know is his favourite character, and asked if he could be Daario (anyone who knows the show will know their relationship) and while joking around said he’d take over the world for me, and be head of my army. He also keeps going on about how well we get on, how his only wish is to serve me, and what ways he can entertain me, for my every wish is his command. 

He’s also currently on holiday in a different time zone to me, and stayed up until what would’ve been 2:30 AM for him (like, 00:30 for me), because we hadn’t spoken in a while, and “I’m talking to a beautiful lady, of course, I’m not going to get tired” and because he “didn’t want to miss the opportunity to talk after so long” and how the time and conversation must be “cherished”. He's called me beautiful from the day we met however.

He’s also filled the chat with a lot of winky faces, and heart blowing emoji, especially when saying how alike and well we get on, and how much he likes talking to me. To be honest, I’m quite a flirty person in chats, so the faces don’t bother me so much, but he also made a point to say how much he’s been compared to a teddy bear, and even when I pointed out that I’m usually cold-hearted and unapproachable, he said he’d have to see if he could fix that with his cuddly nature. 

Now I love my boyfriend, so that's not the issue, I'd never leave him, especially not for this guy, who I like, but only as a friend. He's funny, sometimes, that's it. I’m just not interested, and any interest I may have had died out a long time ago, but I don’t want our friendship to be ruined. I don’t know if I should remind him I have a boyfriend, or if I’m just reading the situation wrong and he’s not interested in me either, and just plays along with jokes and laughs because we’re friends. It’s just a tricky circumstance. Should I wait and see how it plays out? If he does really like me, then wouldn’t ending that sooner than later be better? Or would I just make it awkward? I don’t know!

I guess I'll have to see how things go. He freaked me out with how fast he replied though... 


I can't wait for summer to hit properly though. It's been raining for too long! 

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