Im falling

Katie is forced to go to the neighbours party, little did she know she would fall for the guy next door....


3. I don't want to get hurt again

Katie's pov

We have returned home, I sit on the couch and luke follows,

"So are you going to tell me now" he says grabbing my hand

"Yes" I take a deep breathe

" my last realationship,I got cheated on, it broke me, I freaked out because I don't want to get hurt again, I'm scared" I say holding his hand, a tear escapes my eyes

"Hey, I'm not going to hurt you, I know we only just met but I want you to be my girl" he say cupping my face

"Your girl" I say

"My girl" he says kissing me and I deepen the kiss

"I'm hungry" I say pulling away

"Me too" he says smiling

"Pizza and a movie" I ask

"Sounds great I'll order" he says jumping up

I put on the movie penguins of madigascar, luke come and sits back down,

"So do you want to stay tonight" I ask luke

"Do you want me to stay" he says

"Yes, if you wouldn't mind I don't really like staying by myself"

"Ok, if I have to" he jokes

"Good" I say giving him a quick kiss

"But ,Tell me this, why the hell would anyone cheat on you, your the perfect catch" he says playing with my hair

"Because I wasn't ready to have sex with him, so he found someone who would" I reply

"That's crazy, he's crazy, wait but we had sex last night" he says pulling me into his lap

"Oh genius" I say sarcastically

"I have my moments, was I" he asks

"Yes luke you were my first, in guessing I wasn't yours" I say kissing him

"Actually you was" he says biting his lip

"I was" I question

"Yep your lucky number one" he replies

"Well I'm honoured" I say kissing him

"Hmm me too" he say tickling me

"Luke, stop stop" I say trying to move

He stops and pins my arms above my head and kisses me his tongue exploring my mouth and mine exploring his, the door bell rings luke breaks away and let's me up, he goes and answers the door and pays for the pizza....

Luke's pov

Hmm this pizza is good but I don't want any more all I want is her right now,

"Mmm I'm full" she says getting up

"Me too" I say

"Do you want a drink" kaitlyn asks

"Yes please" I say getting up

I pick my drink up and start drinking it, I look into Katie's eyes and I can't stand it any more I want her now, I put my glass down take her hand and lead her up stairs to her room, I push her against the door and kiss her she rips my top off and then her own, we fall onto her bed and we get lost in each other.....

"I'm so glad you moved next door" I say hugging her

"So am I, I didn't want to move to Sydney but I'm glad I did" she says

"So Katie tell me more about yourself" I say kissing her on the head,

She sits up

"Well let's see, my favourite band is 5 seconds of summer,I'm 20 years old, my favourite fruit is watermelon, as you can tell by my phone case I like penguins, I can sort write songs but I can't really sing , I like football and soccer, I love gaming and movies, music is my life, I like to cook, your turn" she says

"I'm luke and I like to party" I say and she just laughs

"Very funny party animal" she says punching my arm


"Suck it up princess" she says giggling

" okay okay, my names luke and I'm 19, I am in a band called 5 seconds of summer, I like penguins , I like to eat a lot, I can sing and write songs and play guitar, I have three best friends who are like brothers, I have got a crush on the girl next door and I got to know her pretty good last night and today, but shh don't tell her" I say and Katie cracks up laughing

"I'm sure she feels the same" she jokes

I grab her and pin her down and kiss her,

"I'm sure she does" I say kissing her again

We get lost in each other again....

"Your worn me out" she says yawning

"Hmm me too, sleeptime" I say kissing her forehead

"Goodnight" she says she says turning over so I can spoon her


We drift off......

Next part comming soon :).......xx

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