Im falling

Katie is forced to go to the neighbours party, little did she know she would fall for the guy next door....


2. having fun

Luke's pov

"Oh god my mums drunk" Katie says nudging me

"So is mine" I say sipping on her vodka

"Wait here I'll be right back" she say walking out the door, she's talking to her mother about something and gets something off her, she walks back in,

"Grab the beer and come with me we're moving This party" she say grabbing the vodka

"Wait where are we going" I ask

"My house, c'mon guys" she says walking towards the door

We all follow....

Katie's pov

I walk in to my house and start stripping off into my bra and pants,

"What are you doing" ash asks

"I'm going swimming" I say

"Well I'm in" luke says stripping off

"What the hell I'm in" calum says

I put the beer in the floating eski's and then I go and jump in the pool and the guys follow,

"I need some food, do you guys want some" I ask jumping out if the pool

"Yes" they say together

"I'll help you" luke says jumping out of the pool

I walk in the kitchen and search the cupboards I find packets of chips, biscuits I look in the fridge and there is dip,

"So Katie, who's your favourite" luke says walking over to me

"Come with me" I drag him up the stairs and stand outside my room

"Okay there is only one poster and it's of my favourite okay" I say opening the door

"Wow nice room" he says walking in behind me

"Okay so there it is" I say pointing

He looks and sees the poster is of him, his eyes light up

"Who's that handsome guy" he says looking at the poster

"There now you know" I say twirling my hair

Before I know it he pushes his lips against mine and I kiss back long hard, I break away breathe less,

"Woah" he says

"What was that for" I say blushing

"I just had to kiss you, I like you" he says running his fingers down my arm

"I like you too" I say turning around

"Where are you going" he says grabbing my hips

"Guys waiting remember" I say wriggling out of his grip

"Wait" he says kissing me one more time

We head back down stairs, grab the food and head out side

"Wait where have you two been, it doesn't take that long to get food" calum says slurring his words

"I think you've had enough to drink cal" luke says

"Wait no don't change the subject" cal say leaning on ashton

"I showed him my room" I say and they smirk

"That was quick" ash says

I just shake my head

"No she only showed me, who her favourite was"he say shoving his mouth full of chips

"And" mikey says jumping up

"Sorry boys" luke says and kisses my cheek

"A luke girl huh" ashton says holding calum up

"Yes, I think he needs to go to bed, he can stay in the spare room all of you can if you want" I say

"Thanks, that would be great" ash says dragging calum up the hall, I show him the way,

"Well I'm going to go to bed too"Michael says stumbling up the hall

"Goodnight" I say shutting their door, I go back out to luke he's sitting on the couch,

"So my mum texted, your mum has passed out in our spare bedroom" he says as I sit

"That sounds like mum" I reply

"So" he says moving closer

"So" I say and he kisses me and I deepen the kiss

He picks me up my legs wrapped around his waist my arms wrapped around his head, he carries me upstairs my hands tangled in his hair, he places me on the bed pinning me down he kisses my neck along my jaw, we get lost in each other.....

It's morning, luke is asleep still, he looks so cute sleeping I brush my fingers through his hair and he stirs and cuddles into me

"Hmmm morning beautiful" he says looking up


"My head hurts" he says snuggling his head in to my belly

"Mine too"

"Do you want to do something today" he says kissing my belly

"Sure, what do you have in mind" I say and he sits up

"How bout I take you on a date, an all day date" he says kissing me

"Ok, I'm going to make breakfast do you want some" I say getting up and chucking on a over sized top,

"Yes" he says climbing out of bed

We head down stairs and there is a note from mum,

Katie been called into work

I'll call you later

Love mum

I put the note down and start cooking pancakes, bacon and eggs

"Do you want to go wake the others" I say to luke

"Ok" he says grabbing some water

What is he going to do, I hear calum yell luke stop, luke runs out calum, mikey and ash chasing after him,

"I got them up" he says standing behind me so the guys can't get him

"Don't hide behind me" I say carrying the food to the table

"Food" ash says sitting down

I go to sit down but my phone rings, it's mum,

"Hey mum"

"Hey honey I have to go out of town for a few days, will you be alright by yourself"

"Yeah mum I'll be fine in sure the neighbours will look out for me" I joke and look at luke

"Ok I'll see you when I get back bye I love you"

" I love you too mum bye" I hang up

"Ok I have to go, cal, mikey do you want a ride" ash says

"Yeah" mikey and cal day at the same time

"Thanks for the food Katie and for letting us stay" ash says hugging me, cal and mikey hug me and then leave,

"So im going to go get ready" luke says standing up and kissing my forehead

"Me too, let yourself back in when you come back if I don't answer"

He nods and heads out the door, I rush up stairs what am I going to wear, I throw on my black ripped denim shorts my black crop top and slip my thongs on and brush my hair and putting my grey beanie on, I head down stairs and luke is sitting on the couch

"Hey stranger" I say and he turns around

"Hey beautiful" he replays

"You don't have to sweet talk me, you've already been in my pants" I joke

"Have I, maybe I need help remembering a replay maybe" he says standing up

"Hmm maybe if your good" I say giving him a kiss and he deepens it

"Let's go, before I change my mind" he says walking towards the door

"Where are we going" I say jumping in his car

"McDonald's" he says

"McDonald's" i reply


We arrive at McDonald I have a mcnugget meal, luke has a double quater ponder, he eats it all plus the rest of mine......

Luke's pov

I've eaten all my food and the rest of Katie's,she's so cute I love her eyes they are hazel and they glow when the sun is out,

"You ready to go" I say and she nods in approval

I'm taking her to show her around town, we do abit of shopping, we're about to leave when in here a "hey baby"

I turn round and it's Ellen my ex girlfriend

"Baby" Katie says staring at Ellen

"Yes I'm his girlfriend" Ellen says

Katie's eyes tear up and she runs away

"Ex girlfriend, Katie wait, Ellen leave me alone I broke up with you two weeks ago" I say running after Katie

"Katie stop" I yell

"Why don't you go back to your girlfriend" she yells back

"She's not my girlfriend, please stop" I say and she comes to. Pause

"Why didn't you tell me you had a girlfriend" she yells

"She's not my girlfriend, we broke up two weeks ago" I say wiping the tears from her face

"She didn't think so" she say pulling my hand away from her face

"She's crazy we only dated for a week"

"So she's not your girlfriend" she says grabbing my hand

"No, now are you ok" I ask hugging her

"Yes, it's just that, I'll tell you when we get home" she says kissing me on the cheek

More soon :)......xx

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