Im falling

Katie is forced to go to the neighbours party, little did she know she would fall for the guy next door....


1. do I have to

"Katie get your arse down here, we're going" mum yells

And I stomp down the stairs

"Do I have to go" I say grabbing my phone

"Yes now grab the eski let's go" she says and I grab the eski

She says cause we're new we need to meet more people,

We walk to next doors and ring the door bell,

"Hi liz how are you,I know where alittle early" my mum says

" hi, I'm good come in" liz replies

"Oh this is my daughter Katie" mum says shoving me through the doors

"Nice to meet you liz" I say politely

"You to Katie, this is my son luke"

I blush, standing in front of me was the one and only luke hemmings,

"It's nice to meet you luke" I say going to shake his hand but instead he hugs me

"You to Katie,do you want a drink" he says letting me go

"Yes please" I quickly answer

"Beer,wine,cruiser" he yells out

"Beer please" I say trying not to yell

He hands me a pure blonde

"I like your top" he say sitting down

"Thank you" I reply

I was wearing my Rolling Stones tank too with denim shorts with thongs and my long brown hair in a messy bun,

"So you observably know who I am" he say taking a sip of his beer

"Yes I do, how could I not, you are in my favourite band" I say pulling a water bottle of vodka out of the eski

"Water really, you don't drink water at a party" he says as I take a sip

"Not water, try" I hand him the bottle and he makes a weird face

"Vodka" he says taking another sip

"Oi give it back" I say and he gets up and heads inside

"Come and get it then" he says teasing

My mum, liz and some few other people are sitting outside, I think my mums drunk already, I go after luke, he's holding it up high so I can't reach it,

"Luke" I say jumping for the bottle

"Jumpy" he says smirking

I jump a few times for the bottle but I still can't get it,

"So what's going on here" a guy asks

"Just playing cal" luke says smiling

"Ash, mikey our lukey made a friend" cal says as

Ash and mikey walk in with two cartons of beer and a bottle of jim beam,

"This is Katie, she's the new neighbour" luke say giving me my bottle back

"So if luke dissapears we know where he'll be" ashton says nudging calum and they laugh

" I haven't even found out, if she's a luke girl, she's a fan of our band" luke says stealing my vodka again and taking a sip

"Well Katie, what girl are you" cal asks

I look at luke, "you'll all find out later"

Sorry it's really short but I do have more comming..... Xx

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