Im falling

Katie is forced to go to the neighbours party, little did she know she would fall for the guy next door....


4. but I don't believe in love

Three weeks later......

Kaitlyns pov

So me and luke have been dating for about three weeks, I'm sitting in my room thinking about everything, about mine and luke covers action the other night, we talked about how we don't believe in love, im regretting saying that I don't believe in love, I think I'm falling in love with luke I don't want to tell him because of our conversation, I don't want to scare him off.....

Luke's pov

I don't believe in love but I think I'm in love with Katie, I can't tell her I don't want to scare her off,

I head over to see Katie,

"Katie" I yell walking in the door

"Upstairs" she yells

I walk up stair to Katie's room I see her sitting in her bed, it looks like she's been crying,

"Hey,have you been crying" I say sitting down

"Maybe" she says wiping her eyes

"What's wrong" I say hugging her

"Just thinking" she says


"You and our conversation the other night" she says looking up

"Yeah about that I need to talk to you" I say and she sits up straight

"I need to talk to you too, you go first" she says wiping her eyes

"I know I said I didn't believe in love but I, I love you Katie, there I said it I have fallen in love with you" I say and she just looks at me

"You love me" she says tearing back up

"Yes, what did you want to say" I say putting my head in my hands

"I love you" she says

"You love me" I say turning around to face her

"Yes I love you" she says and I kiss her she deepens the kiss

We get lost in each other....

"We should say I love you more often" I say catching my breathe

"Don't you get enough already" she say nudging me

"What I love you's or sex" I ask

"Sex but yeah both" she replays

" I suppose" I say giving her a kiss

" we've had sex everyday since we have met" she says kissing my chest

"We have been busy" I say tickling her

" argh luke stop, babe" she screams

I stop and pin her arms above her head

"I love you babe" I say kissing her neck

"Hmm I love you too" she Replies

Katie's pov

We are just laying there kissing, luke has pinned me down so I can't move, we hear the front door open,

"Shit luke let me up" I say and he quickly kisses me and let's me up

"Isn't your mum at work" he say pulling up his pants

"Yeah" I say looking at luke

We hear someone calling our names

"Is that calum" I say pulling on my top

I run down stairs

"Calum, what are you doing here" I say sitting down

"I went to Luke's but he wasn't there so I came here, we were gonna hang out" he says sitting down

"Luke your okay dates here" I joke and luke comes running down the stairs

"Hey cal" he says jumping on the couch

" did I interrupt something" cal says looking at luke

"Yes" Luke says

"No cal you didn't" I say throwing a pillow at luke

"Hey" luke yells

"So what are two boys going to do" I ask

"I don't have a clue" cal says

"We could stay here go for a swim" luke suggests

"Yeah sure if you don't mind Katie" cal says looking at me

"Yeah sure go crazy" I say and luke smirks

The boys have jumped in the pool I sit on the side sunbathing, I hear a knock on the door so I go and answer it,

"Hey ash, mikey" I say

"Is luke here" ash asks

" yeah him and cal are in the pool, come in"

"Thanks" ash says

We walk out the back

"Hey I found two penguins at the door " I say as I walk out the back

"Hey cal" mikey says stripping off and jumping in the pool

"Where's luke" I ask calum

Before cal could answer someone picks me up "I'm here babe" he says throwing me in the pool

"Luke" I yell

The guys just laugh

"No sex for luke tonight then" calum says joking

"I agree with calum, no sex for you now" I say knowing I'll give in

"We'll see" luke says jumping in

I swim towards the steps but luke grabs me,

"Luke let me go" I say

" no, don't be mad baby" he says kissing my neck

"I'm not mad" I say pushing him away, but he comes right back

"Babe, baby I love you" he say kissing my head

"Can I get out now"

"What's the password" he says grabbing my chin

"I love you" I say rolling by eyes and he kisses me

"Ok" he says letting me go I climb out of the pool and dry off and sit down...

It's getting late and the guys have headed off,

"Luke are you staying or going" I ask

" staying if that's ok" he replies

"Yeah, mums working all night so"

"Good" he says

" I'm going to have a shower" I say walking up the hall


"Do you want to join" I ask and his eyes light up

"Sure" he says following me

Nice hot shower hmmm this is good......

More soon:).......xx

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