Mumblings of A Historic Demon


4. May 9, 2015

It has always been hard going through life and accepting what you don't want to. That is life in a nutshell.
But it irks me to have to go to church.
I used to love it as a child, probably because I was forced to sit up and listen to the preacher. I was allowed to play with toys or lay down on the benches. It didn't matter what I did if I stayed out if everyone's hair and out of trouble.
Now, I am fifteen. I go to church sometimes and I do not like it at all. Recently, my mom has been making us go every Sunday.
I don't know if I am a Christian but I do know that I don't agree with most of the things taught. It isn't just my disagreement though, it is just boring. And I have to wear a dress.
Then to make matters worse is children. Don't get me wrong they're adorkable and fun to play with but get some of them in church and they are hooligans. The church we started going to recently is closer to our house than our other one. I have a relative who goes there and she brings her granddaughter- I think- to church. She's fine until she doesn't get what she wants. That's when all Hell breaks loose. Someone opens Pandora's box. 
Last Sunday, I sat tiredly behind my relatives with my mom, sister, and grandpa. The little girl started pitching a fit and started throwing crayons, stuffed animals, books, and bottles at us. I about yanked her head of those petite shoulders of hers. And all the grandmother (I think) did was slap at her every now and then. And that made it worse because the little girl would cry at some slaps. It wasn't low crying either. It was all out yelling cries, like someone was beating her to death in an alley.

So this entry is all because tomorrow is Sunday and I believe my mom is forcing me to put on a dress and fancy shoes to go to a place of worship where I do more mind-cussing than praying and rejoicing.

Historic Demon

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