Mumblings of A Historic Demon


1. May 5, 2015

As I write this entry, I realize how much I stink at writing about myself. I knew it before, especially when our teacher had us write a "Me" paper, but this just makes me more aware of the stress it puts me under.

I suppose you would want to know about me. I don't want to get into a friendly or other relationship with anyone on here so I am Historic Demon.

In a way, people online are fake and themselves because they can hide aspects of their lives that they don't like but they bring out the better parts of them that are themselves. People that make a new life online are writers. They pick apart characters and find out what would make them more liked, or for some people, liked less. I don't want to do that but I do not want you to think less of me and I don't want to hurt anyone. I'll try to be as honest as possible but no one can be 100% honest.

The truth is I am not a good person. Just a week or so ago on the same day, I threw a textbook at a guy's head and pushed someone over. No, good doesn't begin to define me. Heck, I define myself as a wallflower but with my friends I am a loud and annoying person. I can be shy but I don't tend to hop on the shy train every time I meet someone new.

If anything, people cannot be categorized into categories. That's like stuffing a bear into the plumbing pipes of a toilet. But we do it anyways because it is natural and humans are scared of unknown things. That's why people are against homosexuals and Muslims, etc. Homosexuals were almost unheard of until the sexual revolution. I read somewhere that homosexual men had a term for other men who were 'gay'- Dorothy's friend- I think it was because they met and hooked up at The Oz building. Anyways, we hate on people we don't know based on what we heard, stereotypes. Buddhists, you think they fast all the time, but there are some badass Buddhists out there and some that eat a buffet when they can. But history has taught us that they all follow the Eight-Fold Path and meditate on and off through the day. And don't get me started on agnostic believers in a Christian church. I live in the Bible Belt, where all the adults shove their religion down your throat, and I am totally sick of Baptists and Protestants and Catholics and Methodists and all that.

That's a crap-ton of information. Let it sink in.

So humans are scared and that's fine but we can't shove people into metaphorical box and expect them to be okay when we open it up.

Schrodinger's cat. He puts his cat in a box and puts poison. You can't see the cat so you don't know what has happened to it. Is it dead? Is it alive? Is it even in the box? You don't know until you open it up and see. We are choking people, poisoning their minds with false information.

Whenever you read this- today, tomorrow, five years from today-, think of yourself as the cat that walked free and alive from the box. Don't try to oppress the oppressor.

Historic Demon

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