Broken Life

What would it be like if you had no choice what your job was in life, like in 'The Giver' what would it be like to take orders with no say in what was going on?
This is the life of the androids, created by the Androi family; the corrupt ways of a man has led to this, and only his step-son has the power to stop him and his son,


4. Stan and The Plan Change

He was ready to hunt Alec down and end his life. Out of all the stupid things he could have done; Alec did the worse possible one, it had been over a day since Alec had left the base so there was no time to lose. His phone suddenly rang and he immediately noticed who was calling. “Hello” he said. “Stan, I've heard that Alec has escaped” a voice said, Stan nodded. “Yes; Alec has wiped his memory clean and disappeared. I already have teams ready to hunt him down” he replied. “Stan I hope that gun you have in your hand isn't to kill Alec” he replied in a cold cutting tone; Stan carefully put the gun down on the table. “You want him to live? He’s a threat to us as long as he’s against us” Stan replied, there was a sudden sigh. “Stan; you will follow the orders I give you; find Alec and bring him to the shooting range” he replied; his voice was calm yet threatening, sending a chill down Stan’s spine. “A- as you wish” he replied, but there was uncertainty in his voice. “You hesitate to think of Alec as an ally?” He asked; Stan nodded. “Alec has always hated the Elite Androids; he rejected our offer 9 years ago and he rejected it again when he wiped his memory. And if he meets you, I know he would be angered and decline the offer; you are his-” “Enough Stan; find him and bring him to the shooting range” he interrupted, the call ended and Stan sighed; he dialed a phone number impatiently. “21, there’s been a change in the plan; when you find Alex you are to bring him back, unharmed. Orders from the top” Stan said. “Yes, I’ll send the message around” 21 replied, Stan ended the call and looked at the picture on his phone from when he had been friends with Alec when they were kids. It was as if the answer was staring him in the face; he picked up his jacket and walked out the door. It was time for a trip to the past.
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