Broken Life

What would it be like if you had no choice what your job was in life, like in 'The Giver' what would it be like to take orders with no say in what was going on?
This is the life of the androids, created by the Androi family; the corrupt ways of a man has led to this, and only his step-son has the power to stop him and his son,


6. Know Nothing

He was tossing and turning, there was a hand around his throat slowly choking him, his strength was fading and his eyes suddenly opened. His surroundings were unfamiliar; he was laying on a bed in a room with blue walls and several pictures of different sports players he didn’t recognize. He sat up slowly and immediately noticed the bag on his back. He pulled the bag off his back as suddenly the door to his room opened, a girl was standing there looking at him; she had long black hair and blue eyes.
“Jake, are you alright?” She asked, he nodded and smiled.
“Yeah, I’m fine; just a bit tired” he replied, she smiled.
“Okay, mom’s making breakfast. It’s your favorite! Pancakes!” She said; he smiled as she giggled and skipped out of the room. He looked through the bag; looking for something that would help him understand what was going on. He suddenly saw a letter with the name Jake Daniels written on it, he opened the letter and saw his own hand writing: This feels rather weird; writing a letter to you, I mean it is kind of funny. But Jake, you’re not who everyone calls you; telling you your real name would probably bring back all the memories so I’ll keep that hidden for now. But this is not why I’m writing this, you’re an android and there’s a guy that’ll be looking all over for you, cut your hair, change your eye color; anything to keep him from finding you, he uses the name Stanley Relon and he has an evil gleam in his eyes but he can charm anyone. Beware, he’s a killer. From your old self.
He was shaking as he looked over the letter again, he knew deep inside that the letter wasn’t a joke, he got up from his bed and pulled out a pair of clothes from his book bag; he got dressed and headed out to the kitchen. A lady he assumed was supposed to be his mother was in the kitchen making pancakes; she smiled at him as he came into the kitchen.
“Good morning Jake; did you sleep alright last night?” She asked, he smiled and nodded.
“I slept alright; breakfast smells great” He replied, she smiled.
“Thank you Jake” she replied, he decided to take a look around the house so he knew his way around the house a bit better; as he walked around he put a hand in his pocket and suddenly felt something. He pulled out a notebook with an A imprinted on the lock, instinctively he felt around his neck and found that he was wearing a letter A around his neck; he pulled it off and pressed the A into the lock. There was a click and the book opened revealing a digital screen; two words suddenly appeared on the screen: ‘Hello brother.’

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