Broken Life

What would it be like if you had no choice what your job was in life, like in 'The Giver' what would it be like to take orders with no say in what was going on?
This is the life of the androids, created by the Androi family; the corrupt ways of a man has led to this, and only his step-son has the power to stop him and his son,


1. Is This Who I Am

Alec couldn’t breathe, something was chocking him; his vision became clouded. Alec tried to breath but no air came in, he knew better than to thrash around, that would waste oxygen. Alec suddenly felt a hand on his shoulder, his eyes shot open and he acted without thinking. “Alec! You’re chocking me!” Alec had Missy pinned against the wall with his hand on her throat; Alec released her. “Sorry Missy, I was-” Alec said, Missy brushed his words aside with a nod. “I know Alec; these dreams are getting more frequent, are you sure you’re alright?” Missy replied, Alec nodded and smiled. “I’m fine Missy” Alec said, he went over to his weapon area and pulled out his bow. “If you say you’re alright I’ll believe you; but why do you think you have these dreams?” Missy asked; Alec smirked. “They’re more like nightmares than anything else Missy; I don’t know why I have these nightmares. But Missy, are we really doing the right thing killing people?” Alec said; Missy shrugged. “You know we’re only following orders Alec” Missy replied, Alec nodded. “I know, but… is this really who I should be; or who you should be?” Alec asked curiously; Missy nodded. “I know what you mean but how can we escape this life?” Missy asked; it was Alec’s turn to shrug. “What about a memory wipe?” Alec asked questionably, Missy looked shocked. “Alec! You’re not seriously thinking about getting your memory wiped are you?” Missy immediately asked, Alec laughed and smiled. “No Missy; it’s just a thought, you could start completely over; a better escape than killing yourself” Alec replied, Missy relaxed and smiled. “Oh good, don’t scare me like that; I’d miss you too much if you did that” Missy replied, Alec smiled and pulled out a quiver of arrows. “I’ll try not to Missy, but you know me and my crazy imagination” Alec joked; Missy giggled and hugged Alec tightly. “I’m just glad you’re still here” Missy said, Alec smiled; ‘I’m not sure I feel the same way’ Alec thought. Life would be easier if he could change who he was.
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