Broken Life

What would it be like if you had no choice what your job was in life, like in 'The Giver' what would it be like to take orders with no say in what was going on?
This is the life of the androids, created by the Androi family; the corrupt ways of a man has led to this, and only his step-son has the power to stop him and his son,


2. Dead in My Arms

A week later- Alec held the knife tightly in his hand, Missy hadn't come out yet; this was supposed to be an in and out job. Alec moved forward silently and quickly, he wasn't leaving Missy behind, he found the entrance Missy had used and headed inside; the halls were quiet and Alec started to get a chilling feeling, something wasn't right. Alec looked into each of the rooms and they were empty, until he suddenly found Missy; lying on the floor of a room. “Missy!” He whispered, he moved forward and made sure she was still breathing. “Alec, this was all a trap” she suddenly said hoarsely, Alec held her in his arms and frowned. “Who hurt you?” he asked, her face turned bitter. “The Elite Androids, Alec they want you on their team” she replied, she winced in pain. “Missy, stop talking; I’ll get you out of here” Alec said, Missy smiled at him kindly. “Alec, this is the end for me; but it shouldn't be the end for you. Alec I want you to do as you said; start over, don’t join them, promise me” Missy replied, Alec’s eyes started to fill with tears as he realized this would be the last time he spoke to Missy. “I promise Missy” Alec said, he held her hand tightly; Missy smiled and calmly closed her eyes. A tear slipped down his cheek; Missy was gone. “I made a promise to you Missy, and I intend to keep it” Alec stood and left the room. Alec stood in the shooting range; he was shooting several targets that were barely noticeable. He suddenly heard footsteps; he turned with the gun still in his hand and pointed it at the person that was coming. “Hold your fire Alec” a familiar voice said, Alec kept the gun pointed at him; it was his old friend Stan, and there was no way he was going to trust him. “What do you want Stan?” Alec growled; he was not in the mood to deal with Stan, Stan smiled sympathetically. “I heard about what happened to Missy” he said, Alec turned back to the shooting range; not trusting himself not to cry. “Yeah so what? I don’t need your sympathy Stan” Alec replied, he shot at a target and then another; he could imagine each target as Stan’s face. “Alec, you know it’s not too late to join us” Stan said suddenly, Alec sighed and rolled his eyes. “Really? This offer again?” Alec replied rather irritated, Stan smiled. “Alec, not everyone gets the chance to join the Elite” Stan said, ‘yeah, and that’s why Missy is dead’ Alec thought. "Anything that involves working with you or with you giving the orders will never happen in my life time Stan” Alec said in a cold tone, Stan groaned. “You’re still mad about that Alec?” Stan asked; Alec turned to Stan with the gun pointed at his heart. “After what you did years ago I will never trust you! So why don’t you turn around and leave” Alec said harshly, Stan smiled. “You sure you don’t want to see your brother?” Stan asked, Alec put the gun down and looked at Stan cautiously. “Where is he?” Alec immediately asked, Stan smiled and left the room.
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