Broken Life

What would it be like if you had no choice what your job was in life, like in 'The Giver' what would it be like to take orders with no say in what was going on?
This is the life of the androids, created by the Androi family; the corrupt ways of a man has led to this, and only his step-son has the power to stop him and his son,


5. Dark Sleep

The feel of darkness surrounded him; at first he couldn’t think straight, who was he? Why was he in what seemed like a deep sleep? He could feel a boiling anger but couldn’t recall why he had been angry; it was as if he couldn’t reach his memories, he relaxed for a minute to just think; and maybe figure out where he was. He suddenly found the strength to open his eyes slowly; the heaviness of the sleep seemed to get worse as he opened his eyes, so he didn’t even bother trying to sit up. He looked around slowly, gray walls, normal room temperature; he managed to look over at who was next to him and recognized him immediately, it was as if that triggered his memory; he knew who he was, but what was he doing there. His anger suddenly returned stronger than the last time, he would pay! He could’ve gotten up right then, and left the building. Suddenly, he heard a door open; he closed his eyes quickly and tried not to show that he was awake.
“Sir, what a surprise!” a voice suddenly said.
“Yes, how is Stan’s brother doing?” another voice asked, he tried to relax; he recognized that voice.
“We’re not exactly sure” the first voice replied, the other person sighed.
“He becoming a distraction for Stan; his job is becoming rather… unimportant” the second voice said.
He almost decided to open his eyes and beat up the guy.
“We’re trying to do our best sir” the first voice said, the second voice sighed.
“Keep the truth hidden from Stan for as long as possible; Alec is missing and Stan needs to concentrate without the distraction of his brother” the second voice said harshly, the first person cleared his throat.
“A- as you wish sir” the first person said; he heard footsteps and a door opened as someone left. There was a sudden sigh and he could hear someone pull over a chair and sit down. “Hide the truth from Stan Leslin? Impossible” the door suddenly opened again. “Hello Stan, I see you're about to head out.”
“Yes; I came to visit my brother before I go” Stan replied, the guy cleared his throat.
“Well I have some work to do so I’ll leave you to talk to your brother” the guy said, Stan stayed quiet until he heard a door close.
“You know, you're lucky you're sleeping; it isn't the same as it used to be. Alec’s wiped his memory and left; yet the boss still wants him brought back alive. Sometimes I wish… well, I’m not sure you'd understand it; maybe when we can actually talk” Stan whispered; all the anger he had felt towards his brother Stan melted away, it was obvious he was alone and scared; but something else was wrong and he would eventually ask him about… and maybe, just maybe Alec could help.

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