Unlocking my life...

This is my diary for the dear diary competition. My life is not very interesting but I hope that I can make it seem somewhat interesting in writing form.


1. Day 1

Dear Diary,

So I have been meaning to keep a diary for a while now and I always start one and it will be consistent for about a week or so but I always end up giving up on it. The same thing happens to me everyday of my life so it seems tedious to keep writing the same thing over and over again. I left high school last Monday however so I am looking at it like a new chapter. A door to be unlocked which will be the beginning of my life... I just need to get through exams first.

Ah exams, the thing you work so hard for throughout your whole life at school which really amount to nothing once you get into the real world. Its just the way people categorize you into stupid or smart. A person can be smart without passing exams. It's hard to memorize names and dates for an hour or two in an exam hall. What is the point? You just forget about it as soon as you leave the exam hall. When will I ever need to do close reading out in the real world? Why did I study maths if it was not my life's ambition to become a mathematician? We are told we need to.

But anyway I have gotten off track. I have a tendency to go off in tangents as you will find out as I go on. But I digress. So anyway, a new chapter in my life, an unlocked door, other metaphors to symbolise a new stage in my life. I need to get a job, and find a new hobby. I want to earn my own money and I can't keep going to my dance classes because it's expensive so I need a hobby. I used to have a part time job in a chippy but school got in the way so I left that. There is a job going on at the chemist in the town where I live and in EE in the city so I could apply for those. But I am also applying through clearing to get a place in university so I can't really commit myself to a full time job... Anyway, I need to find something to do with my life for the next year.

In terms of hobby's there are a number of different things I could pick up. Running, cycling, writing, reading... all of those I do anyway actually. Maybe I should work on a project. Writing competitions I could do, maybe they could help me get on that writing course at college. I have always wanted to do a YouTube channel so there is that as well... but who would watch or read what I have to say? What would make me different from any of the other YouTubers there are out there. I am just an average kind of person and I would probably just end up making a full of myself. I am not the most socially competent of people in the world.

I have no idea where I am going in life and that though terrifies me. It has always been school every single year and now I am faced with the prospect of having to find a job and make an entirely new set of friends. As I have said, I am socially inept! I cannot just go up to people and say "Hello, how are you?". Life would be so much easier if I was able to do that and not care what anyone else thought about me. But alas here I am. So yeah, you can see where this is going. Me rambling on and on about things that I know loads of people have gone through before and survived but I feel alone in this but writing it down makes me less afraid... that sounded so cliche but shhh!

I did not even introduce myself, how rude of me (social awkwardness is showing through). My name is... I cannot tell you my real name apparently so lets say it is Taylor. I am 17 years old, I was born on the 22nd of February in Scotland. I don't have a favourite book because I have read so many but two book series I keep on coming back to are Harry Potter and Skulduggery Pleasant. I have also started to read Game of Thrones and I have been reading some of the classics. I watch a lot of TV series mostly focused around fantasy but I watch things like Scandal and Sherlock as well. Honestly there is not much about me that is of extreme interest. I will allow people to pass there own judgement however.

Anyhoo, it is getting late and I am tired. I have dancing and lots of revision ahead of me tomorrow. So Goodnight :)

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