No one writes in diaries anymore.


14. Tuesday 19th May 2015 - Fourteenth Entry

Today is the day before my birthday but I didn't feel any different from usual - as though tomorrow isn't my birthday but instead is just, well, ordinary. And I suppose that's because it is. I feel so natural. Both today and tomorrow are normal. I have exams both days, just as normal. I am forced to study both days, just as normal.

But because 15 years ago, I was born on that day, it's special.

I remember once upon a time when I first started writing in a diary, I wondered what my entry for my birthday would be like. I was so terribly hyped up about it, and I suppose people would be. Sometimes, people yearn for days that aren't ordinary and I was like that too, until today. Isn't that strange?

But rather than that, moving on to today. Did I mention I had a history exam today? I suppose it went alright and I must admit, I felt so incredibly refreshed once it was over. But there was one thing that struck me.

It's just that this morning, before school, I was revising with my friends in the library. What was so different about their notes from mine was their obsession with dates. They were so agitated about all the minuscule details, I realised, that they failed to look at it from a broader perspective. I wanted to explain this to them, but in the end, I refrained from doing so. I believe I understand history exams well, see. Teachers never ask for all the details. Most of the time, they'll never outright ask students to give a date and state the facts. Because what history is about isn't getting all those right.

It's not memorization. It's not knowing on what day in what month during what year did Ho Chi Minh disagree with French colonial rule, it's about why he disagreed with it, what he did about it and what were the consequences of his actions that in turn led to the Indochina war.  

It's not about how many delegates from how many nations attended the Geneva conference, it's about being able to evaluate the effectiveness of the Geneva agreement in ensuring lasting peace in Indochina. That's what history is about, in my opinion. And I was right, because those were exactly the sorts of questions that were in the exam.

But enough about me ranting about history. 

Still though, there's not much else for me to talk about. I hardly studied for my English exam tomorrow, because what on earth is there to study for? 

I do wonder though, whether I should sleep early or sleep late tonight. I do know though, that I will never forgive myself if I were to wake up late tomorrow. Birthdays should be enjoyed from beginning to end - every single moment counts. It'll be my only one this year, after all.


But then again - it is my birthday ~

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