No one writes in diaries anymore.


23. Thursday 28th May 2015 - Twenty-third Entry

I don't know what kind of word I should use to describe my dream last night, whether happy or sad or outright nonsense. But see, what happened was...I bullied someone. 

The victim was a girl from my class and I can say with absolute certainty that I hate her. Detest. Loath. Scorn. Whatever you want to call it, I hate that girl with a passion. The reason why is a rather delicate subject for me - one I'm not sure I'd like to share...but perhaps eventually.

All you need to know is that our relationship is far from friends.

Yet in my dream, I was bullying her. Naturally, I've never bullied her nor anyone else in real life but in this dream I was full on vandalizing the walls with atrocious comments about her and genuinely (perhaps that's too strong of a word) wishing for her death.

I wonder where all that hatred came from. I know I dislike her, but I didn't really think it was to such an extent that I would dream of her misfortune, inflicted by my own hands.

But, it was just a dream. I dream often, and dreams are meant to be nonsense. Supposedly.

Still, I told myself it was best not to think too much of it. 


My science test I can say was much better than maths by a large percentage, though there still were some parts that fazed me. If anything, I'm just happy half-yearlies are now over, though the results are still to come. 


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