No one writes in diaries anymore.


19. Sunday 24th May 2015 - Nineteenth Entry

I caught a cold last night. That's why I'm not much in a mood for writing. Today was terrible though. I woke up at 10, hardly got any studying done and I still had to go to work in the evening. This was one of those days where people just feel that life really sucks. 

I'm tired.

There's not much to say anyway so please entertain yourselves with this little joke:



                                                            1 + sinx




                                                            1 + sinx

                                                         =  ______



                                                          =   1 + six

                                                              = 7           wow!                             



Oh my, that took a lot more energy than I thought it would. I have a headache now. Hooray for anyone who got the joke.


(Edit: I just realised that the joke didn't work! Anyway, in the second part, the two n's are supposed to be crossed out, because they're like terms, for anyone who likes maths and knows what I'm talking about, and then because they're crossed out, it leaves 1 + six and then obviously, 1 + 6 = 7. But maths doesn't usually work like that, which is why it's supposed to be funny. I'm sorry for putting a joke that didn't even work. If you didn't laugh, you can laugh at my stupidity for not realising that the n's didn't get crossed out until 24 hours later).

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