No one writes in diaries anymore.


18. Saturday 23rd May 2015 - Eighteenth Entry

I overslept again today and as a result was just barely late to the station where I was meant to meet my friends for our outing today. For every person's birthday in our friendship group, we usually have an outing. In any case, I was late and we just missed the train, meaning we had to wait another fifteen minutes for the next to arrive, making me depressed because the outing had begun on such a low note.

The outing itself was alright though. Where we went was a park where a BBQ took place. One of my friends and I had been accepted as volunteers for this anime convention that'll be happening sometime this year and there was a welcoming BBQ for all the volunteers to get to know each other. We just brought some more of our friends along to get some free food and no one minded. As soon as we got the BBQ, we left though (I know, shameless people we are).

But yeah. Mostly just hung around at a nearby shopping center for the rest of the day. Nothing particularly exciting, but for a person like me who rarely goes out with friends and had her first 'real' outing around Year 9, this was quite a nice day. I had fun. 

I took the bus home and while I stared off into space, a thought randomly occurred to me. I recalled a website I used to visit often during my childhood called Miniclip full of all sorts of games that I would play everyday when I was younger. My, those times were fun. It must be about 7 years since I stopped playing those games...how nostalgic. There were shooting games like Commando, RPGs like Club Penguin and all those clicking games like Lemonade Stand and Dotville. Man, I could name you so many of the games I used to play and there would still be about a hundred left. I'd play dozens a day. I wonder, really, when such a lifestyle changed. 

Still though, when I thought about it some more, and wondered if the children who are the age I was back then would be playing and using that website, I thought not. Since kids these days would be more accustomed to playing using apps. When I was still a child, there wasn't any Angry Birds. No Candy Crush or whatever else is popular with kids these days. I feel as though I'm part of the last generation to grow up playing online games. 

It's both a special and yet somewhat sad feeling. 

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