No one writes in diaries anymore.


6. Monday 11th May 2015 - Sixth Entry

Before I get into today's entry, let me start off by explaining what happened last night after I finished writing my diary entry. I turned off my lights, turned on my laptop and continued reading it non-stop. Of course, you should know what 'it' refers to, right? Legend of Sun Knight - truly a masterpiece. It was incredibly addicting. Before I knew it, hours had passed but I simply could not stop reading until I knew what happened next so I kept reading until 1am.

To some people, 1am might not feel like a lot, but to me, it was a very big deal, because I like to be in bed by 10pm. In fact, that was my first time staying up so late. Even after I did manage to stop myself from reading though, I just went and spent another hour of the night awake, simply thinking about it. I hardly got any sleep last night and I could hardly concentrate in class today either.


Now that we're on the topic, let's talk about today.


Even if I say that, there's not too much to talk about in regards to school. Well, my class has started reading Macbeth in English, though I must admit, I'd much rather start off the topic by actually reading the play rather than talking about its themes. I don't understand how we're supposed to discuss key ideas of the play when we don't have the slightest clue what it's about yet (well, at least the rest of my class don't). As my English teacher was talking, I either doodled in my notebook or started reading ahead during the lesson.

After school though, I went to the nearby shopping mall, just a two minute walk from my school, and hung around there while waiting for my brother to finish his lessons. He's in Year 11 and has extension classes so he stays back sometimes after school. As I walked around though, I noticed an advertisement outside a shop saying it was hiring casual workers. I stopped to take a photo of it and not long after, I came across two other shops with similar advertisements. When I inquired inside one of them, I found that they had an age requirement - to be over 18, so I suppose that one's out. I'm still quite happy to at least have found some other options though. I'm keen to quit my current job as soon as possible.


Back at home, after my mother had picked up me and my brother from school, I checked the mailbox and found a letter from our school. It turned out a warning letter had been sent to my parents regarding my brother - he had not completed one of his assignments. At the school we go to, this was really serious business. Naturally, my mother got mad at my brother and my brother got mad back. An entire argument erupted between them.

See, the subject my brother didn't do his assignment for was one he was planning to drop. He didn't see the worth of handing in an assignment that wouldn't amount to anything. It wouldn't go towards his report, or his High School Certificate, after all. Still, my mother, being the kind of person she is, wouldn't accept that kind of reasoning. Their fight must have gone on for half an hour before all the shouting finally quietened down to normal talking. It must have been an hour before the entire argument came to an end.

It was a real pain listening to.


I have three assignments at the moment, and half-yearly exams are next week. I was given four shifts of work this week of six or more hours all of which I can't turn down. It's all a real pain. I just want some moments to myself, where I can lie down - read Legend of Sun Knight. I want to draw sometimes. The only time I have for writing these days are when I need to write essays - and luckily enough, to write diary entries. If only assignments were this easy. I'm dreading my exams, as am I dreading work. My only salvation is in another world.

When I considered my options of continuing reading or finally finishing one of my assignments...I chose the former. That's what I'd like to say. In fact, I did. I really did, until my mother came in and got...hysterical. It was terrible. She was hitting the wall, screaming about how I was wasting the money she put in to getting me an education by not studying. A lot of other things were said that I'd rather not mention. I wanted to cry. She's not usually like that, really. This afternoon's incident with the warning letter must still be frustrating her. Still though...


I managed to finish one of my assignments, unwillingly. By the end of it all, I was in a sour mood and exhausted, especially with how little sleep I got last night. Not that that stopped me from reading. I needed a way to escape, see. So I turned off my bedroom light, pretended I was asleep and had my eyes glued to my laptop until I couldn't help but fall asleep. My discovery of LSK is a blessing to me. In fact, so is everything I've ever taken an interest in. I realize it now. They have become my means of escape. If I were to lose those little things in my life, where would I be?  

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